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We've all been there -- a late night writing session and you're just staring at a blank screen (or piece of paper). It's not quite writer's block, because you know what you want to say, but the creative juices aren't ...
Single best cure for writer's block

I haven't had writer's block in a very, very, very long time--thanks to a single strategy born from frustration. It's easy and bulletproof. Never suffer from writer's block again.

Revision is a significant part of the writing process. It’s where the well of an idea is dug deeper. It’s when images are made sharper. It’s how an argument is made most sound.

Dramatic irony occurs when the audience has knowledge that the characters do not, putting them one step ahead in the plot. It's a powerful tool that all writers should learn how to use.

As storytellers, we learn best from other storytellers. They can guide us on how to construct compelling narratives, create interesting characters and write dialogue that pops off the page. If you are serious about being a storyteller, there are some books that you ...
Create unique characters using these techniques

For writers, creating unique and compelling characters is one of the most important and difficult aspects of writing a story. Readers will often forgive a story for having weak or unbelievable plot, but unlikeable characters are a strict taboo.