Novella & Novel Critique Service

Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity.
– P.T. Barnum

You haven’t opened the file for 3 months now. It’s just sitting there, waiting for the next revision, but you’re terrified of opening it. Maybe you’re paralyzed from writers’ block. Maybe you’re just burned out and can’t muster up the strength to write any more. Either way, at the end of the day, you’re not doing yourself any favors by just leaving it there untouched.

Finish your manuscript. You deserve it. The world deserves it.

The novel is arguably the cornerstone of literature, entertaining readers around the globe since the 6th century.

It’s also the most powerful catalyst for social change–how many revolutionaries (for better or worse) cite a novel as their “manifesto” for their actions? Now is your time. StoryCrafters can help you finish and/or polish your manuscript, regardless of whatever reasons you may have for delaying the next revision.

Our indepth critical analysis / novel or novella critique will tell you exactly what works, what doesn’t, and how you can repair your manuscript’s thematic and/or plot related weaknesses. We’ll help you improve your unique author’s voice by detailing distracting shifts in tone and flow, improving the overall readability of your manuscript.

We’ll also analyze your characters, their motivations, and their philosophies to ensure that all three attributes remain in sync, which helps create an emotional resonance in your readers–ultimately, the element that will make your story memorable.

<strong>Critical Analysis -- Jumpstart Your Creativity</strong> Critical Analysis -- Jumpstart Your Creativity
You deliver a novel / novel of 50+ pages, and a StoryCrafters expert will provide you with a 5-10 page report and critique on your characters, plot, story structure, and other elements of your story. We will tell you exactly what works, what needs reworking, and how you can better connect with your readers. $1/page.
<strong>Professional Revision -- Hone Your Work</strong> Professional Revision -- Hone Your Work
We will rewrite individual passages from each page that exemplifies the issues negatively impacting your story and provide a explanation of our mindset. You may specify which pages for us to take a look at. $2/page.
<strong>Professional Proofreading -- Fix Distracting Errors</strong> Professional Proofreading -- Fix Distracting Errors
Grammatical issues–even minor ones–can ruin a reader’s immersion. We’ll fix all of the errors that writers tend to miss while deep in the creative process. $1/page.